Tips for First Time B&B’ers

Many of the guests at Maria’s B&B have actually never stayed in a B&B before, so I sat down at the dinning table with Maria to ask her about a few B&B do’s and don’ts. Here are some of her tips for those of you new to B&B etiquette.

  1. Be sure to arrive on time or let the B&B owner know when you might be arriving if outside of the posted check in time. Remember, unlike a hotel, you are staying someone’s home and they likely need to run errands like the rest of us.
  2. Observe the check out time and try to stick to it. Like tip #1, the owner needs time to get ready for their next guests and while you might be on vacation time, they probably have a tight schedule to get all their chores completed before welcoming their next guests.
  3. Food allergies? Be sure to let the owner know in advance if you have any special dietary restrictions. Most B&B owners will go to great lengths to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions but you can’t be sure that substitutes are always kept stocked. It is better to let them know at the time of booking and then confirm on arrival. Letting them know that you are allergic to eggs as your omlette is set in front of you is not a great way to ensure good relations.
  4. Make yourself at home, but not too at home.  B&B owners are proud to have you enjoy their home and are pleased when you make yourself comfortable in the space provided – afterall, that is the benefit of staying in a B&B.  However, it can be a fine line between making yourself comfortable and encroaching on their private space.  If you aren’t sure – just ask!  The owners will let you know what areas are reserved for their personal use.
  5. Need something – ask.  The charm of staying in a B&B is that it is a personal residence.  As such, if you find yourself in need of something it is likely the owner has what you need and is happy to lend it to you.  But please ask; no one likes to know their kitchen drawers have been rifled through if only to borrow something as innocent as a pair of scissors.
  6. Introduce yourself.  When you see other guests at the B&B, be sure to introduce yourself.  I know many of us are a bit shy until we know we have common ground to talk about, but hey…you do!  You are both staying at the same B&B.  And aren’t interesting conversations wtih other vacationers the reason you choose to stay at a B&B?

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