The Adventure Begins!

Are we crazy?  Some days I think so…Right now, with only one month of the busy season under our belt I definitely think so.  When was the last night I didn’t have a guest in the house or enjoy the luxury of wearing my PJ’s at breakfast?

But then, I meet a new guest and hear them telling a bit about “their story” – because as you know, everyone has a story – and I tell myself how cool this B&B stuff really is.

What is so wonderful you ask?  Well let me tell you, I was prepared for the cleaning, laundry and dishes, although some days I admit it wears me out.  And I knew my husband would turn out amazing breakfasts with his usual flare for food.  But what I wasn’t expecting was the magic that often happens at the breakfast table.

I’ve never really been a fan of cocktail parties, I find them a bit tense even after the first glass as my inner wall flower always seems to emerge…but put people together over a cup of coffee and a bowl of homemade granola and voila!  Friendships are forged, the generation gap disappears, in fact I’m certain with enough java, world peace could be obtained.  With tea towel in hand, I eavesdrop on the most amazing stories as people share their daily trials and tribulations, victories and defeats at Maria’s breakfast table.

We North Americans are so voyeuristic, aren’t we?  We love our gossip mags and entertainment shows because we think the celebrities lead such special lives and we love to watch from the sidelines.  But I tell you, we are surrounded by special people.  Your neighbour, child’s elementary school teacher, mechanic…these are the people who stay at Maria’s and they have amazing stories to tell, if we only take the time to listen.

I hope to use this blog to highlight some of those amazing people and their spirit.  Perhaps you will join me in sharing stories of some of the amazing B&B’ers you’ve crossed paths with during your travels?

Until then, happy trails…

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